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Title: Assistant Vice President
Office Phone: (732) 529-7655
Mobile Phone: (908) 448-9825
Fax: (908) 592-0295
NMLS #: 213501

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Marcus French has been a dedicated loan officer with Jersey Mortgage Company for 20 years. As a mortgage consultant for area’s such as Essex, Union, Hudson, Middlesex and Monmouth County, a substantial amount of his service caters to the first-time homebuyer. Marcus French also specializes in jumbo and government funded loans such as
FHA, FHA 203k and VA. As a leading professional, Marcus French believes in the value of staying educated and continually attends various mortgage trainings and seminars 
to better serve his cliental. Marcus French is a graduate of New Jersey City University (NJCU) with a BS in Business Administration and a minor in Sports Management.

Contact me today at 908-448-9825 with any questions you may have.



I was planning to build in Roselle and the builder said my lender’s name was Marcus and to contact him to get a pre-approval even though I already had a pre-approval. I reached out to Marcus but I changed my mind about building in Roselle. My experience with Marcus was so great that I asked if he would help me with my loan even if I wasn’t building with the builder. He said that it was fine. His team with Jersey Mortgage was very accommodating. They were phenomenal. Marcus was a great guy, great at following up, and he looked at different scenarios where I can get my mortgage approved. He was on point with everything. From the time I wanted to buy, the process took a month. The underwriting process could be improved, but they were just doing their jobs. I would refer anyone to Marcus and his team.

Denisia Williams


Kim and Marcus were not only amazing to work with but they were also very knowledgeable and do have great experiences with new home buyers. I'll always recommend Jersey Mortgage Company to anyone looking to buy a home. They work with you step by step all the way until the final closing, and seeing that the sale goes thru. They are a great set of team worker to do business with. I give them 10 stars.

Marcia Jackson


As a 1st time home buyer I must say that Marcus ** and his team at Jersey Mortgage made it a breeze. Not only did he help me find a great realtor to view properties, he also helped me find the best and most affordable lawyer to facilitate the closing process between myself and the seller. Marcus truly went above and beyond anything I could have even dreamed of from a mortgage lender. He explained the entire process to me in detail and told me about my loan options, at no point did I feel confused as he answered all of my questions very diligently. Kim ** the relationship manager was also super awesome, she even accommodated my 14 hour time difference when I went to Japan for almost a month to keep moving the completion of the loan documents and the closing forward (she totally helped me w/my difficult mother in facilitating her portion of the documents as well).

Kedeisha Carty


During our home purchase, my wife and I had a wonderful experience working with our loan officer Marcus ** and his team at Jersey Mortgage. Marcus worked around the clock to meet our closing date set during the initial loan process. Marcus was very Professional and efficient by being consistent throughout the whole process.

Josue Etienne


I got an investment loan through Jersey Mortgage and everything went smooth. Applying for the loan was quick and easy. My finance officer, Marcus, was great. He kept me updated on everything and informed all the way through. Any questions I had, he answered them. He gave me the information in full, like not shortcutting anything with me so I really appreciated that. I spoke to them almost every other day. Marcus was knowledgeable and I was comfortable with him. He also got it done when he said he was gonna get it done. I would tell friends to at least try Jersey Mortgage first before anyone else.

Levander Ross


I am finally in my home!

On behalf of my wife and I, thank you all French Team for your relentless effort on getting us to this end!


Gilles Polla

Good Morning Marcus; Kim 

I just wanted to thank you both for making John, mine and our boys dream come true . You and your team worked hard making the dream happen and I am truly grateful .  We are so blessed and we can not thank you both enough .

I wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when one reflects and count our blessings. We give thanks to you! 

Warmest Regards 
Farnia Bashaw

I’ve had a home prior to moving. I moved to Pennsylvania and purchased a home and I moved back to New Jersey. So I wasn’t planning on renting for so long. Marcus, from Jersey Mortgage, was referred to me by my sister who used him on two of her prior home purchases. So I had reached out to him and I said, “Before I go to the whole home loan process are you able to assist me to see if I’m even qualified?” And he was happy to do so. The credit report came back and he was like, “Okay. Well, this is what you should do.” He walked me through how to actually improve my credit score before we actually moved forward so that I would get the best rate. 

I had his cell phone and it didn’t matter what time of the day or if it's a weekend, I would call or text him. He immediately either answered the phone or responded back via text. I felt extremely comfortable. I would refer Marcus to anyone. He was probably the most patient person in the whole process. I even asked questions that weren’t related to loans, not related to the home and he was able to provide me guidance there as well, being a homeowner in New Jersey. So because I only owned a home at PA and a lot of things were different he was able to give me some information and if he didn’t have the information he would look it up and send it to me or provide me with someone else to call that would be able to help me. 

Also Marcus was very objective. He’s very fair and he’ll tell you, “Maybe now isn’t a great time,” or “Yeah. Sure, jump in and go for it.” He always gives the pros and cons of everything. He doesn’t push you to do something that he doesn’t really think that you might be ready for. He’s very honest. I got a FHA loan and the process was very simple and they were very hands-on so I didn’t really have to do much during the initial application. It was just a very smooth process. It was actually a lot smoother than my first mortgage. As long as you can read and follow directions, you should have no problems navigating through what’s needed and then if you have any questions they have a whole team assigned to you. So you can always get someone regardless of the time of the day, which is amazing. 

The negotiation part was what held some things up for a little while. But it wasn’t even long because they have a process where they ask you everything upfront. You provide the information and then once the deal is actually sealed with the sellers of the home, it just takes off from there because all the docs were lined up, just waiting to push the button out. It was just a couple of times where if they asked for a document, someone else would ask the same document. And I’m like, “Well, I already gave it.“ And they’re like, “Oh, okay.” was wonderful. Also I’ve been watching the market and doing my research and I definitely got a fair rate.


Hello everyone, 

I just wanted to thank Jersey Mortgage team for your hard work! Alex and Eden closed today and everyone is extremely happy.

 God bless your business!


He is wonderful at his job, there is no one I trust more and the reason I ask all my potential buyers to receive a preapproval letter from him even if they already have one. There is nothing worse to me than taking out one of my clients to find the home of their dreams and them missing out on a wonderful opportunity because they weren't properly qualified, so this is really the first step in your home buying process. 

He will ask you questions, get to know about your situation a little more, tell you what documents he will need you to send him, as well as answer all of your questions and let you know ALL of your financing options. Then him and I will work closely together throughout the whole process to find you the perfect house that you feel comfortable affording and make sure you have a smooth transaction :)

 Amanda N. Rodriguez | REALTOR®

My family and I would like to thank "THE FRENCH TEAM" for all of your help during the loan process. Your team's hard work and dedication to helping me close on my 1st home.Your team worked behind the scenes to ensure that I closed on time. You said in the beginning that this would be a smooth process and it sure was. I dealt with another company before going to Jersey Mortgage and it was such a horrible experience that I was willing to give up on owning my own home. And if you couldn't get it done I would have but you did and I thank you for that! 

Marcus is a very professional and knowledgeable loan officer that I had  the pleasure of meeting during my process. 

I just want to take a minute to commend your Company on an outstanding team you have working for your company,"THE FRENCH TEAM" is OUTSTANDING and GETS THE JOB DONE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone I know who needs a home loan will be calling you first! I know that you will take care of them as well as you did us. Thanks again!

Yabassa W

 Just wanted to tell you that I am extremely grateful to you and your staff.

Words cannot express how happy I am with the service you provided. Someone was always available to answer all my questions whether  it was day or night. You understood my needs as a borrower and made things happen for me and I am extremely grateful. I can really say you went above and beyond my expectations. Throughout the the entire process you were professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I have and will refer all my friends, family and coworkers to Jersey Mortgage. 

Malikah R


Hodari and I would just like to thank you all for all of your hard work. Each of you  played a major part in making our dream come true. You were very diligent at making this dream of ours a reality.

I know things got challenging towards the end, but you all stuck with us and got the job done. I appreciate the timely responses and attentiveness to the process

I also truly appreciate the professionalism by you and your team. The service itself was stellar and I couldn't have asked for a better team.

 Again many thanks!!!!!!!!

 Crystal H

On August 10, 2016 I closed on my home using Jersey Mortgage as the Lender.   My experience working with Jersey Mortgage for the last 3 months has been one of the best and most calming experiences I've encountered.  In particular, I was impressed with working with Marcus French your loan officer. Buying a home can be a very intense and intimidating process, but Mr. French and staff exhibited great patience and excellence in explaining the intricacies involved with the loan process in such a clear and concise manner. Mr. French and staff's representation of Jersey Mortgage is something to be commended for and it would not take much effort for me to recommend Jersey Mortgage to family, friends or associates.  

There have been many years in between of disappointments in the home buying process. I am a divorced mother of one son, and due to unwarranted financial setbacks and several denials from mortgage lenders, the conclusion to this story was a successful one.

I wanted to send this email to your attention letting you know that I received an excellent rate very competitive with the best offers out there. I am very PLEASED.  Mr. Simpson, it says a lot when clients take the time to write exceptional ratings about your company and staff members. You should be very proud!!

Marcus French represented Jersey Mortgage very well and I'm looking forward to doing more business with Marcus and Jersey Mortgage in future endeavors.

 Thank you,

 Keisha J


This was one of the most happiest birthdays I've in my life. This is because of the awesome work that you have done in our lives. You were very instrumental in ensuring that our purchase of our first home went smoothly and successful. So you get a huge thank you.


Again, thank you very much.


Yvonne and Lonnie B



To all you folks at Jersey Mortgage, you very clearly put us at the top of your priority list the past two weeks and we know a ton of very hard work and time was involved in that. Thank you for making our situation such a focal point in your jobs and lives until the job was done. You've made us very happy!


     You definitely don't have easy jobs. You deal with people during some of the most stressful and panicked times of their lives, when they have a lot of money and deadlines on the line. We're sure you've seen some of the ugliest and most impatient sides of people. Nonetheless, you took care of us from the beginning all the way to the end and saw the job through. We just want you to know we really appreciate you and what you've all done for us. Thank you for doing whatever was necessary to get us into our new home.


Have a great weekend and thank you again :)


Rebecca S  


Good evening Marcus. Me and my wife wanted to take the time out to thank you for the excellent service you provided us during the purchase of our home. You making yourself available anytime we reached out, whether in person, email, or phone, Giving us multiple options to everything we presented to you, and just your overall professionalism, knowledge, and patience, made us so relaxed going through a tense time. Your attention to detail, hard work, and flexibility you offer was the reason we choose you after speaking with different people who purchased homes from various lenders, And as good reputation we heard about you was, with the bar being set so high, you out performed any service we were expecting. Thank you again for the 150% you gave us, and made our dream of owning a home come true!! I wish everybody buying a home would have the pleasure to have you as there lender, But I can assure any and everybody I know looking to purchase a home will hear your name. Thank you!!

James F and Ingrid R



Marcus thank you so much for making this dream a reality for me and my family. You were very professional during this process and your follow up and communication was TOP NOTCH! You guys went above and beyond even when the sellers cancelled my deal you and your team continued to work on my file. I'm so happy you did because I have finally closed on my home. It would not have been possible without you and your team. You guys are truly an asset to any client that comes your way. I can go on and on about how smooth you made the process for us but bottom line is.. You guys did an awesome job! And we are truly thankful for each and everyone one of you on THE FRENCH TEAM

Towanna B



Just wanted to say thank you for everything! It was a long process but i'm extremely happy with the end result!. Your efforts were relentless and definitely appreciated! 



Kevin I



Marcus, on behalf of my family, I wish to sincerely express our profound gratitude to you personally and to your organization,  JMC., Inc. for all that you have done in helping us to achieve our long term dream of becoming an home owner as a first time home buyer.


Please note that your role and support really helped us in such a significant way from the beginning to the very end that we have started with the Jersey Mortgage Company as our chosen mortgage company.


Your personally engagement in both counseling and guidance have also played a significant role and indeed helped us in making a profound choice that brings this dream into reality.


All these could not have been achieved without your support that you extended as a first time home buyer.


Specifically, your resources through articles and print out that you often sent to us via email as well as your from your website that I often visit for educational purposes have really guided  my wife and I to be well prepared for home buying.


Also your kindness and your support team kindness that includes one on one counseling and guidance that often come from you either through email and phone conversations are quite appreciated. 


Again, I can't forget the kindness of Ms. Denise Iamundo, the loan officer in charge of my loan application, as well as the closing officer, Ms. Johanna Trejos, their kindness and support can't be forgotten. 


Honestly, without your support and encouragement, we would not be where we are today as an home owner.


Thank you so much in believing in us and for your guidance and counseling for achieving this dream.


Again, thank you very much. 


God bless you and your great organization (JMC)


Emmanuel and Oluwakemi A




A million thanks to U MARCUS U makes impossible. Possible- dreams come through-  it was a pleasure working with u i am so delighted in having won this race- but with incredible people in this world wonderful dreams come through- thank u again for all what u have done for me I will always appreciated u through eternity- I cannot ever forget u!


Marjorie R



I appreciated you speaking with me and making me comfortable with their ability to purchase with the low down payment money.

My client, the was an absentee seller who did not want to accept their offer because of itin spite of me explaining all about FHA loans.

Knowing I spoke to you and you were very assured made me able to go back to them and tell them it would be a mistake not to accept their offer.


Thanks for your assistance and I will let my buyers agent know what a great job you did.





I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the swift and painless manner in which the refinance was done. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and care given to the project.  I and my wife will not hesitate to recommend Jersey Mortgage. This is our second successful transaction with you and it has been a blessing both times.


John D Titus


 Thank you for all of your help in procuring this mortgage for Eden and myself.  Rest assured that if anyone asks for a broker in New Jersey you will be first on the list.

- Mary J

I want to give a special thank you to an awesome mortgage lender, Marcus French for helping me purchase my first home! He made the experience as easy as it can be. Working on #2!
-Emerald I

Today is one of the most exciting days of my life. At the age of 24, I BROUGHT MY FIRST HOME! Whoo hoo!!! I have to extend a huge thank you to my amazing realtor Nicole Blount and the money man, Marcus French. You two have been patient, understanding and professional - you are by far the best in the business! Thank you for working tirelessly to make my biggest dream come true!

-Yvonna W

Just wanted to drop a line to show our appreciation for your help with closing on our first home! You were able to get our transaction moving after 4 weeks of being delayed at the hand of another mortgage company! You and “The French Team” demonstrated integrity, knowledge, and great customer service skills! I will defintelty be referring you all to my friends and family! THANKS!!
Thank You,
-Arabia O

If you are looking to buy also or refinance, I can refer to you Marcus French & the French team who has work so hard to help the Jones family finally buy this house. It's never too late to accomplish the American dream! That's my goal for all of you!

Tim J

Thank you both very much for all your hard work. It was a long process, but your dedication and support allowed it to happen. I appreciate all the work you both put into it and seeing the loan process through from beginning to end.

- Reeshemah B

Thank you, Marcus for being so professional, knowledgeable, responsive and personable. You and your Jersey Mortgage staff are great. I'd refer any of my friends/family in a heartbeat.

- Paula F

Marcus French you Rock!!! Thank you for your assistance in my successful process in new home ownership. You and your team were very responsible, diligent and made sure everything that I needed to do for my loan went accordingly. Thank you once again for helping me cross off a goal on my bucket list.

- Aline J

Thank you so much for all of your help Marcus, you’ve been awesome!

- Raymundo P

Dear Marcus,

Good day!  The days go by quickly, but the memory lingers on...of your motivational sales presentation along with Paull's inspiring words.  Thank you.  I have found over my past thirty+ years sales, that gratitude is one of the most important components of appreciation as well as repeat business.  Kindness and consideration go a long way.

I know you said "to ask" for referral business, but I want you to know I referred "your name and information" today to a lead by the name of Marlene.  Naturally, I had to submit a few other names to her, but if she calls you, you will at the least know I referred you.  I was very impressed by your enthusiasm and love for your work, Marcus, this is what gives us staying power in any kind of market.  When you enjoy your work, the people connection, and are knowledgable about your products, it is rewarding.

Take care and again, thanks for your time and consideration.


Hey there Marcus French, I just wanna say thanks for being the best loan officer out there .you are the man from Jersey Mortgage that gets the Job Done!!!! 

—Khadijah S

Hey Marcus!! Thanks for everything you did for my new home. :) 

—Dixit P

I asked God to send me Godly people to see my way thru...and then came Marcus French from Jersey of THE best in the business. If any one is looking to purchase a home, he is definitely the one to make it happen. Thanks again Marcus...It's the God in you! :-) 

—Tabitha Y

The best part of the whole business of buying our home was meeting you. Thanks for getting me the best rate.

- Wilfredo J


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