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Omg!!!! What can I say? It has been such a pleasure to have worked with Nicole Rivers.  She is truly a gem! She embraces you with such care and assurance.  From the beginning of this process to the end Nicole was only a phone call away.  She has a way of calming your uneasy spirit down.  She is what I call God sent..... She makes sure you understand the process each and every step of the way.  There was times when I felt like just completely giving up but, Nicole would be right there to talk me off the ledge.  Nicole made my mom's first time home buying experience such a pleasure. She made my mom feel safe and secure in every step of this process. She genuinely cared about the well being of my mom.  Nicole didn't treat her like a $$ sign. She is truly the best and I am so grateful and thankful for all the hard work she has put into making sure the closing went smoothly. I advice anyone looking for someone who is honest, reliable, assuring, caring and dependable to contact Nicole Rivers at Jersey mortgage company. </div></body></html>


Ms. Glinder & Jan

I cannot thank Denise and her team enough for all their assistance, guidance, knowledge, and expertise. As first-time home buyers, my husband and I were just about clueless when it came to buying a house and applying for a mortgage.  However, Denise was with us every step of the way to offer not only support, but comfort as well during a most stressful time.  She let us know what to expect at every step of the process and offered suggestions and guidance as to how best to proceed for our specific situation. With Denise and her team’s hard work, we had the easiest mortgage approval and closing process.  In fact, due to their efforts, we were able to close weeks ahead of schedule, which meant we could move into our new home even earlier than expected! We highly recommend Denise and her team to anyone looking to purchase a home – you will receive the highest level of service, expertise, and professionalism!

Thank you again Denise for all of your help - you were a blessing!

Allison D

Dear Denise,

I’d like to take a moment and thank you again for your patience, warm demeanor and never ending support during the process of purchasing my home. My anxiety was very high at times due to situations that were not in my control and you went above and beyond to do anything you could to help me when I needed it most!

Owning a home all on my own seemed as though it was a goal I would never be able to achieve with only one income. However, the USDA loan made this goal something that was absolutely attainable. With no money down and the sellers agreeing to a very nice amount of seller concessions I was able to close on my beautiful home with spending under $2,000 out of pocket... and this was including my closing costs!

I never dreamed that something like this could be a reality for me. But I’d like to thank you and your amazing team for all of your time, advice, and guidance through the entire process.

You have successfully made one of my dreams come true and I cannot thank you enough!

Proud Home Owner, Landing NJ

Dear JMC Team,

I would like to thank you all for the help on the path to achieve a long time dream.

Brian made us feel like family.

Brian, Your professionalism and your availability for even the simplest of the questions to clarify my doubts trough Paulina is appreciated.

To all the team involved, from Paulina Cravos to Johanna Trejos, we don't have but gratitude, always available and their professionalism again shows that your company was the right choice.

I'm sure you know that buying a house is a big step in everyone's life. I will definitely recommend you when my friends walk this path. It was easier with you to complete the journey.



Writing this thank you note by the pool of my new home!

Al, thanks for pointing us on the right direction. I would like to thank you all for the help on the path to achieve a long time dream.

Your professionalism and your availability for even the simplest of the questions to clarify my doubts is appreciated. You were always available and professional and again shows that your company was the right choice. I'm sure you know that buying a house is a big step in everyone's life. I will definitely recommend you when my friends walk this path. It was easier with you to complete the journey.



Luis Mengen



Writing this thank you note by the pool of my new home! 

I cannot praise Denise Damato Sulzer at Jersey Mortgage Company enough for her help with a mortgage for my first home. She was a wealth of information and knowledge that helped guide me along the way. It was a very bumpy road during my home buying process of a bank foreclosure, however Denise stayed on top of all parties, went above and beyond every step of the way, all in an effort to make sure everything stayed on track to meet contract deadlines. Purchasing a bank foreclosure can be challenging, and Denise performed several magic acts to achieve results to get the job done. Her level of professionalism and care made a difference when things became stressful. Her dedication and commitment to her client's make her unique and invaluable in the industry! Denise, you are a wonderful and caring person, I wish you all the best.
Thank You!
Dariusz Jamroz

We bought a house and went with Jersey Mortgage's program for buying a home. I called them, they asked me for relevant documents and took care of everything. My interaction with Al, my loan officer, was a hundred percent positive. He was the VP and sort of my point person and he had a team of underwriters and loan processors that were three or four people. He was outstanding and I was most impressed by his personal attention. I couldn’t ask for a better loan officer.


Sameer, Tenafly

I wanted to start the processing of purchasing a home and find out my options so I contacted Jersey Mortgage. They were able to answer all my questions. I was thinking of starting my home mortgage process later, but they provided me with different options that I could have and I ended up getting a loan earlier than expected. I chose Jersey Mortgage over conventional loans like Capital One because I was able to talk to a live person more often, than calling the different companies. Gina is the person that I had contact with and she's awesome. I have recommended Jersey Mortgage to others. Sophia D. Brian and his team Carmen, Paulina, and Johanna did an excellent job helping me through my first home purchase. I had no idea what I was doing. I just followed their direction and everything went super smooth, they even recommended an awesome NJ homeowners insurance company! I knew when I saw all their positive reviews online Jersey Mortgage was the company to go with and I was not wrong. Thanks guys!


 Rich S.

We originally got our first mortgage through Jersey Mortgage and they were excellent so we went back and streamlined our refinance just as well, and it was great. We applied online, submitted all of the documentation, and everything was done electronically. Then we had the closing and that was done on the 24th. It was also the first time we saw anyone physically. It was a 30-day process and we got the wire transferred three business days later. It was perfect streamlining. I like everything electronically and the electronic signatures. I like the speediness, the quickness, and effectiveness of it.


Keisha, Plainfield

I'm a first time home buyer and I had a great experience with Jersey Mortgage. The interactions with the loan officers were good. They stood to their task until the end. However, the process took four months and the rates were a little high. But I'm satisfied with Jersey Mortgage and I'd tell friends to go ahead with them.


Walter, Irvington

My real estate agent recommended Jersey Mortgage to me and I had a very good experience with them. I had a 30-day fixed loan program with them, and while it was easy applying to them up until the underwriting started, it became more complicated after. There was a lot of paperwork and they made sure all the T's were crossed. It would have been better if there was a way to have a good checklist of everything that you're gonna need all at once. When I was closing my loan, they got on the phone with my lawyer. If there was an issue, they were very responsive. They took turns to tell me what I needed and to be in touch with the other parties. We would do a three-way call and pretty much whatever it took to get things done.


Patricia, Nutley

Jersey Mortgage gets things done. We are doing investments in the Jersey City area and we looked into a mortgage. We have worked with Jersey Mortgage in the past and the experience has been great. Chris, our loan officer, helped us with a lot of our other investment mortgages. He’s very good in communication. You call him and he would pick it up. I can text and e-mail him, and he’s very responsive. I’ve worked with him for five years now, and I'm pretty comfortable working with him.


Raj, Jersey City

I was buying out my husband because of the divorce. My lawyer suggested a loan officer named Scott from Jersey Mortgage. I dealt with him through the phone, texts and through emails mostly. I was impressed by his knowledge and kindness. It was one-stop shopping. I didn’t have to get a lawyer to do the title search, he did all that. The title search was great as well as making sure that the title was put into my name. The underwriting process took between 30 to 40 days. I would highly recommend Jersey Mortgage and Scott in particular. Their people were very good, very knowledgeable and honest.


Carol, Hazlet


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