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Jersey Mortgage Company has been a leading NY, CT, and NJ mortgage company for many years. Our Loan Officers go out of their way every day working side by side with families to get the deal done, and get it done their way. Read what the customers of our New JerseyConnecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida and New York mortgage company locations are saying about us. 

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We wanted to refinance so my wife did all the research and chose Jersey Mortgage. My interactions with their team were all on the plus side. Their people were friendly and answered all of our questions. It was a pleasant experience. Shaun B.

Jersey Mortgage was highly recommended by my builder and he said that he couldn't say enough nice things about them. Also, I just knew that they were the right fit for me. Their team made it a very easy process and they held my hand all the way. They also gave me excellent guidance and though I dealt with a few different people in the organization, the entire team was phenomenal. Overall, it was an easy and seamless experience with Jersey Mortgage. Paul C.

Our realtor recommended Jersey Mortgage based on her experience with them. Cathy from the crew helped us a lot and did an outstanding job. She went through many people, tried to get us the lowest score possible and showed us what came out. Ultimately, they gave us the lowest rate and that's the reason why we went with them. They’re all definitely very good people, very helpful and attentive. Every time there's an issue, they were on it and they responded to us as early as possible. We were very satisfied with their performance. They're all knowledge-full and explained everything to us in a way that we can understand. All in all, we had a very good experience with them and we will definitely recommend them to someone else. Malliyanathan S.

I had a great experience with Jersey Mortgage. I'm a first time home buyer and I heard from a really good friend of mine about them. Their team was fine and courteous. Domenico D.

I just want to see what it takes to get approved for our home and what the process was like at first. My whole intention was to see the natural process to purchase a home. So, I went online and tried to do a pre-approval and then that Monday morning Garth from Jersey Mortgage called me. He was more knowledgeable than the other persons that I spoke with. In the Jersey Mortgage team some were great and some weren't so good because in between my case they let someone go. They had let Laurie go and then no one contacted me to let me know that she wasn't with the bank anymore. It was two weeks later before I hear back from the other person who was taking over when they needed paperwork and we're close to closing. There are actually documents that he could not find. So that part of it a little annoying, but eventually it all worked itself out. Overall, Garth was great even though I did yell at him several times on the phone especially when he was calling for stuff that I already gave to Laurie and she was no longer with the company. It was definitely a knowledgeable experience. There were bumps on the road but they've never gone with talking me through it and they tried to help me to get at whatever hurdles were there. Kerriann S.

I asked my accountant if he knows someone who does mortgages and he gave me the number of one of Jersey Mortgage's reps. The whole process dragged out a little longer than I hoped to but the rep had it all worked out. Also, the guidance I got from them was good and I was kept in the loop. It was a very pleasant experience and I'd recommend them to a friend. Anthony L.

Jersey Mortgage was recommended by a family member who had good experiences with them, so I also used them to purchase a home. Their staff was great. The only problem was when the underwriter thought a document I submitted had a social security number. I was annoyed that I had to provide more documentation because of that but other than that, the process went smoothly and the whole team was helpful. They guided me step by step and all the papers that were needed. Also, it was my first time but they were really patient with me with all the questions that I had. I closed the loan and everything was fine. Dennys T.

I usually do things based on reviews and the realtor that gave me information about Jersey Mortgage was reputable and had dealt with the company a couple of times. Based on what I needed in terms of a mortgage product, they were quick in terms of turnaround when I contacted them so that helped their case. The broker who was my point of contact was very professional and knowledgeable. I was a first time home buyer and knew absolutely nothing about buying a home but they were helpful in terms of explaining what comes next and what are the expectations. They knew I was running other competitive mortgage options against them and they were upfront about what they were, the plusses for them as well as the minuses. It was fair and balanced so it was good. I'd recommend Jersey Mortgage. Matthew G.

I wanted to start the processing of purchasing a home and find out my options so I contacted Jersey Mortgage. They were able to answer all my questions. I was thinking of starting my home mortgage process later, but they provided me with different options that I could have and I ended up getting a loan earlier than expected. I chose Jersey Mortgage over conventional loans like Capital One because I was able to talk to a live person more often, than calling the different companies. Gina is the person that I had contact with and she's awesome. I have recommended Jersey Mortgage to others. Sophia D. Brian and his team Carmen, Paulina, and Johanna did an excellent job helping me through my first home purchase. I had no idea what I was doing. I just followed their direction and everything went super smooth, they even recommended an awesome NJ homeowners insurance company! I knew when I saw all their positive reviews online Jersey Mortgage was the company to go with and I was not wrong. Thanks guys! Rich S.